Wellness Package

Wellness is the sustainability balance and enrichment of our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual selves. Indulge yourself at Toshali Sands and surrounded with the most peaceful green ambience where generous senses spa awaits you with relaxing silence. It is a brand that focuses on guests' overall wellbeing. The wellness amenities not only includes the physical wellbeing but also encompasses beauty healthy diet, relaxation, stress relief and mediation. Toshali Sands adds more on its wellness tourism that features complete purifications of air and water, hypo-allergenic materials, antibacterial surfaces and state-of-the-art lighting for restful sleep are present in every room.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an adaptation of Buddhist medication that encourages to focus on the moment rather than surviving with the past pain, anxiety over the future. Toshali Therapists have practicing meditation to find personal balance, which helps them sense and craft the most unique and customized treatments for guests. The therapists will help to observe your emotions by being aware of present moment, so that you can add peace and clarity in daily activities.


We believe in a conscious practice and encourage balance form the inside out. Toshali Sands' Yoga retreat is the perfect solution to have a balanced lifestyle. You don't have to be a yoga pro to participate in our sessions, our experts prepares customize packages for you to accustom with. The incredible instructors with variety of classes let you have a conscious practice to encourage balance from the inside out.


The science of breathing Pranayam at Toshali Sands helps you in making mental and spiritual progress simultaneously. The experts at the resort make you learn how to control breathing along with the features of deep inhaling, exhaling and retention of breath. When it is about cleansing your system of toxin and relieving every day's stress, Toshali Sands' wellness tourism is the perfect response to your search.


Toshali also approach to wellness through Ayurveda, which is the ancient body of knowledge of holistic wellness in the world. At Toshali our expert physician prescribe a course of treatment after carefully monitoring your life style, medical history and present needs within your holiday schedules.

Discover the healing secrets through our Ayurvedic selections. The Ayurvedic treatments begin with a herbal foot bath and ends with steam bath that aids the detoxification procedures.

A visit to Toshali Sands resort at Puri offers welcome refreshment for body and soul. The wellness package allows you to be truly unwind.

India is one of the world's true wellness centers, being the birth place of Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation. In Odisha and at Toshali our Wellness offerings are very understandable – they are Yoga, Meditation & Ayurvedic therapy. That are the kind of things people need now which we are offering.

Why should you take this Package?

Know your inner self and discover harmony with nature through Toshali program. This program will give your mind and body relaxation and increase your physical health. In this package we will provide Yoga and Meditation classes, Beach and Jungle Trekking, Cycle Riding, Swimming work out, Weight Training and Ayurveda Massage. Our resort is situated by the shore of Bay of Bengal. The resort itself is spread over an area of thirty three acres of lush green lawn.

During the stay you can visit our herbal garden and spend some time with nature. We also provide organic food in abundance based on naturepathy. Holiday at Toshali : Wellness + Leisure + Healing through yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic therapy.

Why should we Meditate?

This is a poser that people often put across in private discussions and even forums. Some might say I am all right and so no need to meditate. Thus before we go further it is important to understand what meditation is. Often seeing images of people in meditation, one might wonder whether it is to sit still and keep silent.

The English word meditation is based on the Marghadi language word Bhavana. What it means is to develop our mind gradually so that the defiling thoughts that illustrate our consciousness can be gradually erased. It is akin to a white cloth soiled with dirt where one will use Soap / Detergent and water to clean the cloth.

To better understand this process of meditation, let us think of a simile. We all know that water has three stages namely ice, water and water vapor. If one were to place a cube of ice on a flat table and strike it with a rod, the ice cube will break into pieces and scatter all over. Suppose you let that ice cube melt in a shallow container and strike with the same rod, some water will spill out while the rest will remain in the container. If one now boil similar amount of water in a confined space and try to beat up the vapor with the same stick, nothing will happen except the person wielding the stick getting tired.

Similarly a person with an undeveloped mind will react to the slightest impact often with anger. One who has developed mind to certain extent may react like the water, an initial reaction but soon getting subdued in mind. A fully cultivated mind is like the vapor, tranquil and would not react to any stimuli but will see it all with equanimity.

There are two forms of Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation and Insight(Vipassana) Meditation. In the case of mindfulness meditation it is about initial application of a thing such as one's breath and focus on that aspect. One will develop through application one-pointed concentration and mindfulness. In the case of Insight Meditation the Yogi will use the mindfulness for sustained observation of the reality of arising and ceasing or that of impermanence. The Yogis who initially apply self in mindfulness will derive higher presence of mind. Such higher presence of mind enables the Yogi to develop level of equanimity and thus will not have a highly reactive mind like the brittle cube of ice. Even in difficult situations the Yogi will delve with equanimity and built-in peace in the mind.

Medical science has through various research has observed that those who develop mindfulness are less prone to mental stress and have peace and contentment. Also such a mind is precursor for a healthy body and one can easily sleep and not toss around in bed. Also tranquil mind developed with mindfulness enables one to wake up not feeling drowsy and tired.

Wellness Package - 04 Nights / 05 Days

  • Airport Pick Up
  • Welcome Drink & Fruit basket on arrival
  • Stay in garden facing cottage 4 nights on Double Occupancy / Couple
  • Yoga sessions for 1 hours in morning(Warm up activity / Yoga & Meditation, Weight Training)
  • Daily Meditation as per schedule
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for all four days
  • Evening Tea / Snacks
  • One day visit to Sun Temple Konark & Jagannath Temple
  • One foot massage for two once during the stay
  • Abhyanga massage and food & head massage once during the stay
  • Use of Indoor activities
  • 24x7 free Wi-Fi
  • All Govt. Levied
  • Airport or Railway station Drop

How a day looks like

  • Morning wake up
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Breakfast(Based on Naturopathy: mostly Fruits, Juices, Steamed and Less Oily Food)
  • Massage(Head or Foot Massage)
  • Visit our herbal garden and spent some time with Nature
  • Lunch
  • Tea Break
  • Cycling for an Hour
  • Can use our library and some entertainment activities
  • Vegetarian dinner
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