Temples inside Puri


Gundicha Temple

One of the most renowned temples inside Puri temple, Gundicha temple is an important hub from religious point of view. It is the place where Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra are coming every year to abode within their respective chariots during Car festival or Rathyatral. It's situated at the opposite side of grand road of Puri called as Badadanda. The space between the gates of Jagannatha temple and also the Gundicha temple is precisely a pair of, 688.0696 meters (8327 feet). It consists of 4 pars connected with room rooms by a slim passage. The tower, a construction of Pidha kind, is seventy five feet high with a base of fifty five feet by forty six feet outside, and thirty six feet 8inches by twenty seven feet within. All the four structures (Vimana, Jagamohan, Natamandap and Bhogamandap) bear the traces of many covering and area unit carven in places with obscene figures in mortar. There is a plain raised seat four feet high and nineteen feet long, product of mineral, and this is known as the Ratnavedi.


Astasambhu Temple

The eight guardians Siva's of this abode of Jagannath (Vishnu) area unit Markandeswar, Yajneswara, Nilakantheswara, Vilveswara, Kapalamochana, Baleswara, isaneswara and Pataleswara.


Astachandi Temple

The eight Chandis together known as Astachandi that includes Bata Mangala, Bimala, Sarvamangal, Ardhasani, Alamba, Dakshinakalika, Marichika and Harachandi.


Panchatirtha Temple

The sacred tanks are indradyumna near the Gundicha temple, Manikarnika in the Marnikarnika street, panchatirtha Markanda towards the north of the panchatirtha Jagannath temple and Swetaganga towards the south of the Jagannath temple. These four tirthas or sacred waters together with the sea make the Panchtirtha or five sacred waters in which pilgrims are solemnly enjoined to take bath.


Loknath Temple

One of the famous Siva temple of Puri placed here. One km far from the Jagannatha Temple towards the western end. There's a preferred belief that Lord Ram had put in this symbol with a Lauka or Pumpkin. The Temple was build throughout 10th-11th century AD. The devotees come back here to get blessings of Lord Loknath so as to be cured from any quite sickness.


Chakratirtha Temple

The Chakratirtha, a tiny low and unprotected pool set within the South-east of Jagannatha Temple on the Sea-Beach of popularly referred to as C.T. Road chakratirtha heading towards Pentha Kata - The fisher village. Its plain a locality of the recent mouth of the Balagandi stream that followed across the Badadanda to the ocean. The place is understood as Bankimuhana.


Chakranarayan Temple

Towards the northern facet of the temple of Sunar-Gouranga is that the temple of Chakranarayana. The image of Lakshmi-Narasimha is idolised here.


Daria Mahabir Temple

At the space of regarding thirty meters to the west of the Chakranarayan temple, Daria Mahabir could be a little temple dedicated to Hanuman.


Ardhasani Temple

Ardhasani could be a little temple dedicated to the immortal of that name. She is additionally referred to as Mausi Maa (mother's sister) of Lord Jagannath.


Siddha Mahavir Temple

To the west of Gundicha temple, there's a tiny temple dedicated to Siddha siddha-mahavir Hanuman. it's believed that Tulasidas resided at this place.

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