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The pristine Odisha sea beaches, prolific fauna, endemic flora, divine shrines, splendid historical sites Odisha signify them all. It is a beautiful miniature of the broad India depicting unity in diversity. The Jagannath temple, Dhauli hills, Ratnagiri and Udaya Giri caves shows how different religion has prospered on the same land. It’s really a lifetime experience to enjoy Odisha Tourism. Tourism in Odisha helps you see the real beauty of mesmerizing Sea beaches in Odisha. Apart from Odisha sea beaches, it also introduces the splendor of Odisha temples to you.They have taught the people of Odisha to be tolerant towards all.The people of Odisha have acquired all these deep rooted values from their rich tradition and culture and they shower immense hospitality towards the tourists visiting their homeland. Located on the eastern side of India this state lies on the shore of Bay of Bengal.

Odisha is full of locations of immense tourist interest


Romantic Beaches

The pristine romantic beaches of Odisha attracts tourists seeking tranquility. Puri beach of Odisha is the second most popular beach of India amongst couples and honeymooners. The resort and the hotels of Puri are always crowded with tourists.



Odisha has a flourishing wildlife thanks to its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Odisha has a flourishing wildlife thanks to its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. These reserves are also enabling many species of fauna to Odisha Wildlife blossom. When the shrinking size of forests has raised concerns about their existence, the lush green forests of sanctuaries like Bhitarkanika are supporting the Mangroves to flourish in their natural habitat. These sanctuaries have been successful in carrying out the breeding of many endangered species like salt water crocodiles, white crocodiles, mugger crocodiles, the rarest white tigers, the royal Bengal tigers, lion tailed monkeys, leopards and so on. They also support the nesting of the migratory birds coming all the way from Europe and Central Asia. The Chilka Bird sanctuary built over the Chilka Lake is famous for its migratory and domestic avian population. Several endangered species of deer and monkey family, sambar, cheetahs have also found their home in the protected jungles of Odisha. The major wildlife sanctuaries are Bhitarkanika, Nandankanan and Simlipal. Garhimatha beach is known for beingthe nesting lands of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.


Jagannath Temple Puri

Jagannath Mandir Puri is an immensely significant religious site for Hindu devotees. It is considered to be one amongst the four most pious pilgrimages of Hindus. Here lord Krishna is worshipped along with his siblings Lord Balabhadra and Godess Subhadra. Every year chariot festival known as 'Rath Yatra' is organized in Jagannath Puri which attracts devotees from all over the world.


Konark Temple

This temple now in ruins is known for its splendid architecture. The glory of god Sun was once worshipped in this temple. It is a world Konark Sun Templeheritage site because of the significant architectural and historical mysteries it holds beneath itself.


Temples of Bhubaneswar

The state capital Bhubaneswar is called the city of temples because of the huge number of temples present in the city. Some 500 odd temples are present in the city of which the temple of Lord Shiva called the Lingaraj made up of Granites is known for its architecture and art works.


Dhauli Hills

The banks of Daya river besides the Dhauli hills is the site for the historical Kalinga Wars which made strong impacts on the mind of the great Ashoka and he embraced Buddhism giving up violence 'himsa'.


Udaya Giri & Khand Giri caves

Built during the empire of Kharavela the Jaina ruler of Odisha these caves were meant for Jain monks.


Ratnagiri & Lalitgiri

These are the sites for Buddhist monastery built in 7th century.


Rath Yatra or Chariot Festival

Rath Yatra is organized in Puri every year. The processions of the three deities of the Jaganntha temple is taken with pomp and shows in three immensely decorated chariots.


Konarak Festival

Konarak Festival is organized on the premises of the Konarak Temple every year to commemorate the beauty of Indian music.


Puri Beach Festival

Puri beach festival is organized to cherish the undaunted beauty of the Puri beach.

Odisha is approachable though entire India by road, rails and air. The nearest international airport is Kolkata while the one at Bhubaneswar caters for the domestic flights.

The best season to visit the place is winter between October to June.

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