Charchika Temple

Charchika Temple is one of the oldest Shakta places in Odisha. It is situated in Banki town of Cuttack district in Odisha. The presiding deity is an eight-armed goddess Chamunda, who is a manifestation of Maa Devi Durga. Goddess Chamunda, enshrined in the Shaktipitha at Banki at Mahanadi river bank, is worshipped as per the tantric rites. Charchika is coming under most popular temples of Odisha, was built in the 19th century. This Odisha temple images mainly includes the remarkable enshrining deity, an eight- armed goddess MaaCharchika of 9th and 10th centuries AD.

The Goddess of Charchika is believed to be created by Parashurama. Among the famous temples in India, Charchika Temple houses beautiful and remarkable Jagamohana, PidhaVimana and a wooden Mandaoa known as “Suryavahini Mandapa”. Temples Odisha are always known for their grace and charm. Named in the list of renowned temples in Odisha, this temple consists of a wooden ceiling of the Mandapa of temple carrying episodes from Bhagabata Purana and images of Elephant, Parrot, Peacock, Duck and Floral Motifs, Animal Hunting, Lotus Medallions etc.

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