Balighai Beach

The long stretched Balighai beach is situated on Puri-Konark Marine drive road. This virgin beach is much more away from the crowd situated at 8 kilometers distance from Puri. Toshali has selected villas, secluded retreats, eco-resorts and luxury services for your absolute comfort.

Due to the perfect seclusion at this virgin beach, you will feel like a castaway and yet still enjoy the comforts of a relaxing beach holiday.

A unique beach Balighai gives you a different experience from rest of the Puri beaches. The hub is completely standalone out of the crowd that attracts lots of tourists who are craving for some relaxing quite time. The trees like Causarina, Alaska and Eucalyptus trees make this place a thick jungle like ambiance, boat ride on sea and many more places those really amazes. It is a peaceful place with neat and clean surroundings away from the city madness of Puri. Another special attraction is the Sea Turtle Research Center, where one could find the large turtles fluttering around in their tanks.

Just beyond the Balighai Beach is the Balihirana Sanctuary which has the protected and endangered Balihirana antelopes. The best time of the year to visit this place is during October to June. The magnificent and breathtaking view of Sunrise and Sunset from the beach amidst dazzling golden hues is an unforgettable experience for everyone who comes from far off places to witness this special and rare moment. Immerse yourself by taking Sunbath in the neat and clean waters of this beach. The splashing waves of the sea beach are sure to capture one’s heart especially the moment of sharing your thoughts and desires when you are there with your special loved one. Swimming and other water sports activities are also available for those who wish to indulge in. If you need to ride a boat on the Nuanai River, then be the first one to explore the gift that the nature has to offer engulfing lush green surroundings all over the place.

Come experience the pure bliss of the nature and explore this heavenly paradise on Earth as this offers a welcome relief and retreat for the tourists and visitors and where one could not ask for anything more. It is a fact that tomorrows may not remain the same as of now but you can be well assured that the waves would still come on and on.

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